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2016 NBA picture
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2016 NBA picture
The warriors are on pace to beat the Bull's regular season record of 72-10 and they are very deserving of all the hype. Heck they are one of the few reasons i ever have an NBA game on my TV.

All that being said one thing i notice is that no one really seems to be talking about the fact that the 2nd place team, the Spurs, are sitting only 4 games back. Which means they are 58-10 right now. They won't break or meet the record, but dang. How much love would the Spurs be getting if Golden State wasn't going all crazy this year. By any standard, the Spurs are having one of the best regular seasons in NBA history as far as records go.

And you know what, i think they love this spot. It's typical Spurs. "Don't mind us. We're just going to quietly go 70-12 (good for 3rd all time if the warriors don't fall part)." It's all about the work, and much less about the flair and press coverage.

I have to give props to the spurs ability to keep reloading (while at the same time keeping the core 3, even in their late years) and continuously being in the top 25% of the league. Is it the coaching? I mean Pop is obviously a great coach who is able to shape the team and the individuals on the team to meet the overall goals. The humility and lunch pail attitude of the stars also helps. But is there a better front office / GM than the ones working for the spurs? They just always seem to be able to get guys that the coach and form into what he wants and you very rarely hear anything negative about bad trades or unhappy players.

Just some thoughts that came across when looking at the NBA picture. I know i sound like a Spurs fanboy, and i can say i have been a big fan of Tim Duncan for a long time, but the Spurs org in general get a big thumbs up from me in a league of peaks and valleys....
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03-18-2016 07:32 AM
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RE: 2016 NBA picture
They're definitely an exception in the league. I doubt any of them are voluntarily keeping themselves out of the headlines, but it never seems to hurt their level of success.
03-18-2016 02:46 PM
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